Tourmaline Tree Of Life Pendant


Material: Brass, Ghungroo

Pendant: Approximately 6cms X 4.5 cms and comes with an adjustable thread.Pendant drop length is approximately 9cms with Ghungroos.

Purely Handmade from the scratch these creations are one of a kind and been hammered,chemically etched and shaped carefully for better character and texture .

NOTE : Since these piece are handmade there may be slight discrepancies in the shape/ size and can not be considered as defects. If you have any questions, comments, concerns please let us know before you purchase so we can make sure your shopping experience is as smooth as can be. You can email on

Product Care:

All of our Brass and Copper pieces have oil applied to deter the metal from ageing too fast, in this case a sealant. Store in a dry place wrapped in muslin or soft cotton with moisture trapping agents. Avoid washing directly under water, though wiping with a moist paper towel and air drying before storing is recommended. Always check for any reactions upon wearing jewellery directly on an exposed area. The reactions vary largely from person to person.

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