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“Tannistir” is one of a kind leather goods business that believes in 100% handmade philosophy. Every single step in crafting these products is done by hand and we take pride in it.

We follow a minimalist approach in life and that’s reflected in our products. There is beauty in simplicity and that’s our mantra, always remember #lessismore.

Guaranteed best quality materials used, top grain leather with strong industrial thread that will never come apart.

Products have excellent craftsmanship and boasts of being 100% handmade, right from cutting the leather, hand punching the stitching holes, hand stitching and the edge finishing. Saddle stitching and back-stitching done on the products is really neat and is regarded as the most stitch. Final touches of burnishing the edges is also done by hand using natural gum and bees wax for a smoother finish.

“Tannistir” does not use any machine at all and are not produced in bulk in factories but are made using basic hand-tools and as a result we use a made to order business model. As it is a one man business, right from making, order processing, packaging and shipping and customer service each product takes at-least a 2-3 hours to fulfill, or more for complex products. Orders are fulfilled in the sequence that they are received, hence please allow us at-least 3 days to make and process your order. A lot of time and effort goes into making every product as we strive for perfection. Every leather piece is handpicked and made by hand in-house and the products go through a proper quality check before being shipped out. Hence, there’s no warranty on the product as you get exactly what is offered by us.

Product images and descriptions are described as accurate as possible, however, leather being a natural material varies from hide to hide and small variations may occur as a result (that’s the beauty of it – no 2 pieces are the same). These natural markings or irregularities should not be considered as a defect but rather indications of it being natural leather. It also has a distinct smell as a result of the tanning process, so don’t mistake it for bad odour. Since we use a thicker leather, please allow it sometime for it to break in. Our products work and look better with age and the more you’ve used it, it develops a beautiful patina over time giving it a classic, rustic and vintage look.

Note: We understand our passion towards leather and don’t mean to hurt anyone’s sentiments. The leather we use is directly a by-product of the meat industry and is sourced ethically and we at “Tannistir” don’t endorse culling of any animals.

We thank you for your co-operation.

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