Frequently Asked Questions


                                           FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS

1. What is is a web application which allows the vendors, skilled curators, creative entrepreneurs, artists and freelancers to create an Online Store or to participate in the existing marketplace through which the Vendor can display, market and sell the artwork, art wares, artifacts, crafted, customized, ethnic products to the Buyers.

2. Who can set up the Online Store?

Any person like skilled curators, creative entrepreneurs, artists and freelancers can set-up the Online Store for the sale of Artworks to the Buyers.

3. Whether the Vendor needs to register with

Yes, the Vendor is required to register with in order to set up the Online Store. After the registration, the Vendor is also required to enter into the Vendor Agreement.

4. Who can buy the Artworks from the Online Store?

The services provided by the Website to the Users are subject to the applicable law and the contracting party should be eligible to enter into a valid contract under Indian Contract Act, 1872.

5. Whether a Buyer needs to register with

Yes. In order to buy the Products, the Buyer can either register with as a ‘Registered User’.


6. What is the procedure for registration of a Vendor?

The procedure for registration of the Vendor/Artist is as follows:
• Visit
• Click on the ‘Sell on ‘option provided on the homepage;
• You will be guided to a Form with Text boxes,Fill in the required information like user name, password, Banking Details, Address Details, KYC etc. accurately and correctly;
• Submit your fully filled application/Form by clicking “SUBMIT”
• You have the option to add Any Desired Document of KYC as mentioned in the Form.
• Read and submit the Vendor Agreement along with the Terms and Conditions, and Privacy Policy;
• You will receive a link in your registered e-mail address;
• Click on the link and confirm your registration.

7. What is the procedure for registration of a Buyer / User?

The procedure for registration of the Buyer is as follows:
• Visit;
• Click on the ‘Sign up’ / “ Create a Account “ option provided on the Sign up Page;
• Fill in the required information like user name, password, etc. accurately and correctly; OR Alternatively you can import your credentials from “Facebook” or “Google”
• Submit your fully filled application by clicking on “SUBMIT”, provided at the end;
• Read and accept the Terms and Conditions, and Privacy Policy;
• You will receive a link in your registered e-mail address;
• Click on the link and confirm your registration.

8. Whether there are any registration fees to be paid by the Vendor?

Yes, upon registration the Vendor is required to pay a one-timenon-refundable registration fee. On payment of the fee the registration will be valid for a period of twelve (12) months from the date of such payment. However the fees maybe waived and is upon the discretion of

9. Whether the Vendor is required to furnish any supporting documents for KYC?

Yes, the Vendor is required to furnish self-attesteddocuments, as may be indicated,from time to time to verify the details and credentials of the Vendor.

10. What are the supporting documents required for KYC?

The supporting documents for the KYC may include, any [two]

of the following:
• Passport
• PAN card
• Aadhar card
• Voter’s Identity Card
• Driving license
• Ration Card
• Identity card
• Bank account statement received by mail / courier along with signature verification by the    Banker or a cheque drawn on that account for a minimum amount as specified by the Bank, deposited into the account;
• Any other document as and when recognized by Government of India.

11. Whether the Buyer and the Vendor can update the details after registration?

Yes, while both the Buyer and a Vendor can update the basic details like address, contact number; the information provided by the Vendor is subject to verification.


12. When a Vendor can list the Products for sale?

After payment of the registration fee, submission of the supporting documents for KYCand account activation, the Vendor can start listing the Products for sale on its Online Store.

13. Who is responsible for listing of the Products?

Vendor is responsible for listing the Products on its Online Store. The listing description for each Product must be true, accurate,as per the Terms and Conditions, and must not be misleading in any manner. It may be noted that is merely a marketplace model and all the descriptions, warranties, etc. are on the Vendor. The User is advised to read the same carefully before ordering the product. is not responsible for any wrong information by Vendor, but will initiate necessary action against any vendor who does so.

14. Whether will provide any assistance to the Vendors in listing of the Products?

Yes, through its authorized representatives, may provide necessary initial assistance to the Vendor to listthe Products and operateits Online Store. has its Head office in Mumbai and can be reached for assistance between 10:00 till 17:00, Monday till Friday or via email on

15. Whether the Buyers will be able to check the specifications of the Product on the Online Store?

Yes, every Product that is listed on the Online Store will have a short description stating the size, shape, colour, dimensions, customization option, if available. The details of the Product shall also clarify which Products can be cancelled. In case the Buyer requires any additional information, the same can be request by calling the customer care service number +91 98925717 17 or sending an e-mail at

16. Whether there is a maximum limit for ordering a Product?

No there is a no maximum limit for ordering a Product. The information for the same can be made available at the time of placing the order with .

17. Whether options for customizations of a Product, for example change of colour, texture, weight, material, etc. is available on the Online Store?

Certain Product can be customized, depending on the option available on the Online Store. A list of option may appear when the Buyer selects a Product on the Online Store. As per the requirements, the Buyer can select from the customization option and accordingly place the order.


18. How can a Buyer place an order on the Online Store?

The Buyer can browse and select the Products from various categories provided in the Website. The Buyer can then buy the selected Products by making the payment online via the Payment Gateway.

19. What are the various modes of payment availableon the Website?

There is only ONE mode of payment available on the Website. The Buyer can make payment through debit card, credit card option available on the Online Store. There is no “CASH ON DELIVERY” (COD) Available on We respect the artists / creators and someone will create the product because someone wants to buy it. Incase of issues can assist but certainly requests buyers to be sure before ordering.

20. Whether a Buyer can call and place an order?

In certain cases, the Buyer can call on the customer care number and place an order. is always there to assist.

21. Whether a Buyer can see a Product before ordering it?

No, a Buyer cannot physically see a Product before ordering it. The entire Product related information like its image, description; available customization options are provided in the Website.

22. Whether refuse to take an order and under what circumstances?

Yes, reserves the right to refuse to take an order undercertain circumstances such as breach of the T&C, violation of any applicable law,when the product is not available or when there is a limit the volume of such transactions.


23. What is the standard delivery time for the delivery of the Products?

The standard delivery time is within 7-21 days from the purchase of the Products on the Online Store.

24. Whether the Buyer can track the Product, once order is confirmed?

Yes, all the orders are dispatched and delivered through reputed logistic partners who provide tracking details. With the tracking details, a Buyer can track the orders anytime and from anywhere.

25. Are there any maximum delivery attempts?

Yes. There are maximum two (2) delivery attempts. Refused Delivery shall not be eligible for refund. Incase the buyer has a issue with the product ordered, must be informed in 3 days of receipt to take necessary action and compensate with store credits if eligible.

26. What happens when the Products are undelivered?

When the Products are undelivered, the receipt of the undelivered Product is sent to the Buyer and based on the request of the Buyer, arranges to re-deliver the Product to the Buyer at such additional cost and Charges as shall be indicated by to the Buyer.

In the event, does not receive any response from the Buyer within seven (7)days from the date of failed attempt to deliver the Product at the Delivery Point or the Alternate Delivery Point, as the case may be, shall be free to dispose of the Product, as it may deem fit at no further cost and claims.

27. Whether additional payment is to be made to the person delivering the Product?

No, the invoice is inclusive of all the charges (including product cost, shipping costs, taxes, duties, if any and as applicable under the Law).


28. Whether there is any Return, Refund and Cancellation Policy?

Yes, there is a Return, Refund and Cancellation Policy provided in the Website. You can access the same from the link:

29. What Products can be returned?

The Buyer can return only certain Products as indicated to the Buyer at the time of placing of the order. The customized Products, unless there is some blatant defect reported as per the Terms and Conditions, cannot be returned.

30. Whether the Buyer can cancel the order?

After the Buyer places the order, the same cannot be cancelled.

31. Whether the Buyer can request for cash refund upon cancellation or return?

No. The Buyer is not entitled to cash refund. However, in case of a valid return and refund, the Buyer is eligible to get equivalent store credits.

32. What are Store Credits?

Store credits are type of electronic credits that are issued when a valid request for return and/or refund has been processed.[The Store Credits are equivalent to the amount paid by the Buyerfor the Product, minus the charges and taxes as indicated in the invoice of a Product]


33. How can a Buyer redeemStore credits?

The Buyer can redeem full or part of the Store credits for its future purchases within ninety (90) days.

34. Whether Buyer can purchase a Product when store credit is less than the order value?

Yes, a Buyer can purchase a Product even when the store credit is less than the order value. In such case, the differential amount for the Products shall be required to be paid by the Buyer separately.

35. How does maintain confidentiality?

The information shared by the Buyer and the Vendor are protected as per the Privacy Policy of The access to the link is provided as under

36. Whether the Buyer can delete its registered account?

Yes, the Buyer can delete its registered account by clicking on the link provided to unsubscribe from the Website Or by simply emailing to from its registered email ID with Subject Line “ UNSUBSCRIBE”. When a Buyer unsubscribes from the Website, the accountgets deleted. All the information including personal, sensitive information is deleted from’sdatabase as per the Privacy Policy.

37. Whether the Vendor can delete its registered account?

The Vendor can delete its registered account. The same is subject to the provisions of the Terms and Conditions and the Vendor Agreement. The vendor must get in touch with to do the needful and settle account before closure or delisting.