Age No Bar Almond Scrub (Skin Polishing)


As the name suggests, the scrub combats various signs of ageing, promoting skin health. Almond Powder, one of the key ingredients, assists in skin regeneration, further cleansing skin pores and preventing acne. It can also help in treating 'rosacea', the small red bumps that occur. Having a nourishing and pleasing effect, Olive Oil induces the feeling of relaxationand gives relief from stress. It is also a very powerful and effective astringent that helps in protecting the skin cells from acne blemishes, lifting and tighteningskin to naturally slow the signs of ageing.

Wet face or the body with luke warm water. Massage a small amount of scrub gently on and rinse well. Apply once a week for great results.

Product Ingredients
Almond Powder, Olive oil, Sunflower oil, Cocoa butter, Palmitic Acid