Hibiscus Side Line Mangtika


A perfect freshness is personified as elegance, grace, and beauty as a flower. The presence of women in the society is as impact full as a flower in a garden, it enhances the overall beauty of the personality, a fresh soul blossoming in nature.

Two very important features of a fulwari are its color and the fragrance which is a unique freshness. We have used both the elements in our collection keeping intact the essence of it. This symbol of indian cultural and social relevance has lost significance in today’s generation. The collection re-narrates the context and essence of a fulwari using impact full solid hues, the strong –red, the blissful- yellow. The calm – blue, the peaceful- white and the firm- brown, the royal-golden, traditionally different colors of fulwari were used to re-present different stages in a woman’s life. We use colour similarly in the collection to re-present different moods| occasions| stages of life. The collection is for varied age group and occasions, celebrating colors and freshness.

Made By : paheli
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