Destiny Spring (Ladies Footwear)

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Are you always in rush? And you need a comfy pair of slippers plus it should go well with your outfit. Then grab them. They are super-comfy, super-cool!The sole is up-cycled which is made out of discarded aeroplane's-tyre. It ensures a perfect grip on the floor while you walk, run or dance.
The bottom is made up of hand-dyed cotton fabric at the top and and a soft cushion padding to give your feet constant comfort.
The upper is made up of hand-weaved Khadi.
This pair of sandal is 100% handmade and crafted carefully. This is a green-product which means you wearing them is a contribution to reducing carbon foot-print from the earth.

Key Features:

  • Handweaved Khadi Fabric
  • Upcycled Sole
Made By : kurio
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