Gift some Green Combo 2 – GREEN


Gift some Green: perfect for someone with a green thumb. These assorted planters and vases are a quirky addition to any green home. The Gift some Green 2000 includes the SuperBatli, the Sleeping Pint and the Chappat Planter.
SuperBatli: We all love heroes don’t we? and now presenting the superhero of bottles! Is it a planter, is it a holder, is it a book stand? The all new SuperBatli!!! Use the SuperBatli to green up your table or desk, show off your carbon footprint (or lack of) or just make an awesome cool reading nook… Made from upcycled glass bottles, the eco-friendly SuperBatli is kiln-formed in a furnace at 700°Celsius, is fade-proof and washable and ready to use – just pop in some books and a flower and you’re good to go 🙂
Sleeping Pint: A little quirk on a plain old pint, and voila… table dressing for any surface. For those who like minimalist and quirky… make your pint sleep and bloom away… presenting the Sleeping Pint! Made from upcycled glass bottles, the eco-friendly Sleeping Pint is kiln-formed in a furnace at 700°Celsius and is fade-proof and washable.
Chappat Planter: Chappat Planter: Something for your plants or your flowers. Something to brighten up a grey day or a grey mood. Something for your hallway, your kitchen or for that tiny bit of empty space on the living room wall. For city flats and spacious old bungalows. Who doesn’t like a bit of green around? The eco-friendly Chappat Planter is great for small spaces and big. Hang them up anywhere and say goodbye to grey! Get a dozen or so and they make an amazing living wall installation. The easiest plant to grow is the common Money Plant (Epipremnum aureum) but try your hand at Arrowhead (Syngonium podophyllum), Philodendrons, Aluminum plant (Pilea cadierei), Dracena, Dieffenbachia, Chinese Evergreens (Aglaonema), Spider Plant (Chlorophytum). Also small quantities of herbs can be grown. Made from upcycled glass bottles, the Chappat Planter is kiln-formed in a furnace at 700°Celsius, comes ready to hang on a wall or wood, ships with a hook and is fade-proof and washable.
Go green now and flaunt your lack of carbon footprint!

SUPER BATLI: L -13/ W – 11/H – 19/W – 500
SLEEPING PINT: L – 8.5/ W – 7.5/H – 21/ W – 260