Old Mr. Goat – Chalkboard Puzzle Mat


Old Mr. Goat grew up in a barn with lots of other goats. And, just like them, he likes to eat healthy – fresh leafy veggies and a whole lot of grain. That’s how he gets the strength to climb hills and mountains all day long.

You can be strong like Old Mr. Goat too – if you eat healthy food like he does. And here’s his very own Chalkboard Jigsaw Mat to help you remember what to eat. Just write or draw what you’d like to eat, show it to Mommy, and then gobble it all up! (Don’t forget to write Mommy a thank-you message when you’re done.)

The Chalkboard Jigsaw Mat comes complete with a detachable coaster. You can write on both with chalk, wipe off and rewrite as many times as you need to. Perfect for writing down today’s menu, little reminders and notes for your little one.

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Made By : poppadumart
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