As our ongoing endeavor to bring out the treasures of this beautiful world, ArtyOwl.com is happy to bring to you unique Handmade Art which you may have never seen before! It’s called Upcycled Tyre Art. ArtyOwl.com is always on a “lookout” for such artists who have a passion to create unique stuff and out of the box approach to creativity. We handpick different artists who create exclusive handcrafted products and bring them on our online marketplace. At one such local exhibition, Founder & CEO of ArtyOwl.com Mr.Rajiv Ramnani found Kalatmak.

upcycled art

Kalatmak creates innovative products from used tyres. Yes, used tyres! Kalatmak transforms the scrap tyres into colourful, vibrant attractive products like planters, book shelf, pot holders, tables, sitters, etc. Kalatmak also makes sure the tyres are well-treated to avoid any health issues or any toxic emissions. The well-varnished, weather coated colors ensure long lasting shine and dust resistance.

Mr. Rajiv Ramnani was very impressed with Kalatmak’s unique concept of upcycling from something like used tyres into such useful products. He believes that artists like Kalatmak should reach maximum people and so he offered Kalatmak its own store on the website ArtyOwl.com. This recycled approach is unique and environment-friendly not to forget very good-looking too.

It’s a continued endeavor of ArtyOwl.com to provide this online platform to artists like Kalatmak. You can explore & shop for more such artists and their work only on www.artyowl.com


Check out some cool products by Kalatmak

beautiful up-cycled handmade tire art at artyowl
Flower Themed Half Rack (planter cum book shelf)


upcyled art wonder girl handmade seater at artyowl
Wonder Girl Upcycled Tyre Seater


upcycled art handmade spider planter at artyowl
Spider Upcycled Tyre Planter (Blue)
kalatmak handmade up-cycled tyre seater at artyoel
Upcycled Tyre Table on wheels (classic)



Source : June 2016 | Volume 2 Issue 3 | Living Local Mumbai (Andheri West Edition) Page-13

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