5 Amazing DIY Idea from Used CDs and Records…

We are in the computer generation where the trend changes before even reaching the ears. In this time of having something new every day and having a single pen drive which can store an enormous amount of data, somewhere Disks and Records have lost their existence.

Now there is no boasting about the record collection you own or the number of CDs in your collection. So now? Is our precious collection which we saved for years going to get dusted? Or we will just have it as a memory of older year? I believe the collection which was close to our heart once should never go out of our life.

So what to do to make it stay and always be in front of our eyes? With everything being upcycled nowadays let’s make something great out of our pride which makes it stand out and stay in trend forever!

Let’s have a look at what we can make!

  • Placemat for Hot Dishes or Kettles:
    Img source Decoist
    The idea of having placemats mats made of your CDs serves all your purpose. You can flaunt in front of your guests, you can boast about recycling your favorite CDs, and also you can keep your disks forever as a utility!
  • Cool Holder for Wall: Img source Pinterest
    Having your records hanging on your wall with the back pockets of your jeans is reinventing the utility of the two most important products which you are never r
    eady to leave! Why not make this terrific duo the most useful part of your home?
  • Table Lamp: Img source stylespion.de
    CD’s always reflect light in a way that mesmerizes every one of us. Having one by the side of your bed will make you feel nostalgic with the reflections of your CD lamp!
  • Record Timer: Img Source ArtyOwl
    Your favorite music record can be a time teller. I know making wall clocks from CDs is quite mainstream. But having a wall clock of a retro style record would add a lot to your wall nd also will catch a lot of eyes.
  • A Book Holder: Img Source ArtyOwl
    You can use your records and CDs as an amazing book holder. This book holder will not just prove to be a great utility but can also provide you with a moment behind every book. This might be a perfect way to get a music lover get what he will like to read…


There’s a lot that you can make from your old Records and CDs. Share your idea with us… sell with us and make your little start a brand!

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