ArtyOwl | Handmade for the World!!

If it handmade it’s meant to be praised! So is the story of…

We started with a motive to provide artisans the platform which will make them visible to the world. Their handmade creations which are liked by many and are unique in their own way made us cater their creation to the world. Based in India, where there is ample of art and culture present in every part of country we got a great start.

Giving platform to the artist to showcase their work in their own manner made us distinct. We work on store based model where the artisan can create his/her own store and promote it and make it a brand. After receiving a great response in India we have now decided to move to the world.

Each country has its own art which is to be praised and is qualified to be known to the world. And for the art lover it is a boon to get the most unique art delivered at their doorsteps!

So now ArtyOwl with its massive HANDMADE COLLECTION is ready for the world! We invite every artisan from every nook of the world to join us in this journey and make their store with us! And at the same time we invite every art lover present all around the world to discover the unique Art of every artisan.

Handmade is forever and so is ArtyOwl! It would be great to have you on board with us.


Think Handmade Think ArtyOwl!

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