Handmade Treats for you this summer!

Summer has started rising in India and with the increase in the temperature, it is becoming quite difficult to maintain the cool. It is quite important to maintain the cool of the body and feel fresh every hour of the day. Can’t afford to smell in office right?

Though we have a privilege to sit in the comforts and all thanks to Air Conditioners we don’t feel summer as summer anymore! But still while traveling the sun shows its effect. We sweat out all the freshness during this time and carry deodorants for our rescue. Let’s not have this mainstream idea this summer, let’s go handmade and natural!

Summer is not just your body wanting more attention but your taste buds too need a refreshment to maintain the cool and soft drink is not a perfect Idea! Before you sip something from the drink next to you and feel the refreshment of it! Let’s see what all you can buy this summer which are not just handmade but are also perfect summer pamper elements!

Here are some products that will help you beat the summer in a natural way!

  • Soaps by Arome Herbals: Arome Herbals brings a luxury to your bathroom in form of soaps, which are natural and have essential oils to keep the foul smell out from your body throughout the day. Being perfectly crafted to pamper your body this summer!
  • Natural Jams by Lejion Kitchen: Summer has a direct relation with colourful cool food and not just your body but your taste buds too need refreshment in this season! Lejion Kitchen has a unique way of making natural jams and giving your taste buds everything they need! This summer cool on your taste buds with lejion kitchen.
  • Skin Care by MYLove: MYLove developed out of a passion for making products that have been put together with more natural and potent ingredients. The idea is to create products keeping as much purity as possible intact and free from chemicals and preservatives but nourishing the skin at the same time. All the ingredients are personally put together keeping their uniqueness and benefits in mind.

Though that’s not all to the collection you can find out more on ArtyOwl.com!


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