Handmade Home Decor

We all have an amazing fantasy about how our house should look. We come across a lot of stuff on internet and then start imagining the interiors of the house.

The imagination somehow starts with the part of the house you love the most and generally it is the bedroom. Then we are lost in some sort of imagination and suddenly the visitors take place in the imagination and their praises about the décor starts buzzing in the ears. Yes, we all want that to happen.

I have browsed many interiors and saw the most amazing and luxurious home decors (On Internet) but while browsing through each of them I got an idea about the most unique form of decorating house i.e. Handmade Décor

Every piece of a handmade product will definitely differ from each other as they are handmade and are meant to be different. So imagine the decoration of your house can never be copied and it will have its own unique essence.

Few Idea which I would love to share with you.

You can decorate your room with some bright Jar Lamps which would be quite different from other ordinary stuff and particularly suit the colours of your wall and change the look of your bedroom.

Every lady likes to showcase their latest tea set which is generally the most bragged thing after the jewellery in a kitty party. What if you just leave the mainstream and have a cutting chai tea set in your cutlery.

A music lover would always want his house to have a musical look, what if his wall portrays his love for music? Yes, your love for music could be a time teller with an upcycled record disk.

Having a plant in home is always beautiful and having a unique planter is increasing its beauty!

So let’s not be  mainstream and Switch to Handmade!

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