About Us



ArtyOwl.com is a unique marketplace with a vision to surface beautiful handmade hidden treasures of the world on this exclusive platform for buying and selling handmade, handcrafted & hand-curated products.

ArtyOwl.com started its journey on 8th March 2016 with a vision to revolutionize the handmade and handicrafts online business. By being on ArtyOwl.com the artisans/creators can surface their work, Display & Sell it online. The artisans/creators can connect with customers from around the world who are the real connoisseurs of such niche products in home décor, personal care, food, fashion, etc.

A customer who shops online on Artyowl.com gets many handmade items created by some highly passionate artisans. These artisans work with various materials like Ceramic/Clay, Wood, Paper, Wrought Iron, Glass, Cork, Leather, Metals, upcycled art (Recycled), etc.

These Artisans give special attention to materials created with extreme creativity, passion, and ecological sense which gives the customer/owner a piece of the actual handmade experience.

Let the Owl be with you!!!