About Us


Our Vision

ArtyOwl.com is a unique marketplace with a vision to surface beautiful handmade hidden treasures of the world on this exclusive platform for buying and selling handmade, handcrafted & hand curated products.

ArtyOwl.com started its journey on 8th March, 2016 with a vision to revolutionize the handmade and handicrafts online business. By being on ArtyOwl.com the artisans/creators can surface their work, Display & Sell online. The artisans/creators can connect with customers from around the world who are the real connoisseurs of such niche products in home décor, personal care, food, fashion, etc.

A customer who shops online on Artyowl.com gets plethora of handmade items created by some highly passionate artisans. These artisans work with various materials like Ceramic/Clay, Wood, Paper, Wrought Iron, Glass, Cork, Leather, Metals, up cycled art (Recycled) etc.

These Artisans give special attention to materials used which are created with extreme creativity, passion and ecological sense which gives the customer/owner a piece of true handmade experience.

Let the Owl be with you!!!