Activated Charcoal Handmade Herbal Soap With Green Tea


This activated charcoal known to be my black beauty is my fastest selling soap. The bar absorbs odors, making them the perfect cleanser to wash away cigarette smoke odor, for those who work outdoors, in the food service industry and in a dusty and polluted environment. This soap is made with organic green tea. It is nutrient and antioxidant-packed to help prevent damaged skin caused by free radicals. Green Tea rejuvenates skin cells and fight inflammation. Activated charcoal is also helpful to ease the pain and itching of insect bites and treat acne, wash away stubborn perspiration odors and draws dirt and toxins from pores making them smaller and cleaner. This bar is blended with Tea Tree essential oil, Lemon and Kaolin Clay.

This bar does not contain any harsh artificial foaming agents (detergent), paraben, alcohol, petroleum, animal fat and artificial preservatives.

They are perfect for all skin type.

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