Elegant Earl Grey (Black Tea)


This traditional and quintessentially British blend combines rich whole leaf black tea leaves with the distinctive and overwhelmingly fragrant bergamot orange citrus fruit. Its characteristic flavour and aroma are derived through the use of bergamot oil for flavouring, extracted from the rind of the tart citrus fruit. Although made popular by the British, this blend has its origins in China, the land famous for scented and flavoured teas.

According to legend, in the early 1830’s, a Chinese mandarin tea master presented the bergamot oil flavoured tea to Charles Grey, the 2nd Earl of Grey and the then Prime Minister of United Kingdom, who was so delighted with it that he brought it back home and asked for it to be recreated by tea merchants in London. He loved the tea so much that he put his name to it and thus the blend received its name –    Earl Grey.

Perfect for consumption at any time of the day, this blend marries flawlessly the smooth and rich black tea with a refined citrus taste.

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