Forest Fruit Fusion (Black Tea)


Think ‘berries’ and ‘currants’ as you indulge into this lusciously fragrant and intensely tasteful forest fruit fusion. Strawberries, raspberries, blackberries and redcurrants come together to make the perfect forest fruits flavour that is blended with rich black tea, giving you an impeccable scrumptious delight.

With a bright reddish-brown liquor,this berry-licious medley echoes a breathtaking fruity aroma and puts a spell over your senses with its charismatic flavour. The rich tea and fruity flavour combine to make way for a stimulating and yet delicious frui-tea experience.

This blend makes a great fruit flavoured iced tea when served over a tall glass of ice and an interesting base for experimenting concoctions such as tea sangria!

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