Goan Postcards 2


Your dear ones would love to receive these postcards with your warm messages anytime.

Pack of 9 Goa Postcards

Coco Beach

More Coco Beach

Bogmallo Beach

Hollant Beach

Fields of North Goa

Old scooter

Paws and foot steps

Designs in sand

Crab marks


Remember that moment, remember that dream. Remember so much.

It just gets easier when you post it, paste it, hang it.

Whether you’re a friend, family or colleague

whether you’re a postcrosser, snail mailer or just a postcard lover

these postcards are moments frozen in time, make just right.

Add some stamps and mail them, add a message and then it to a gift box, send it over postcrossing,

Frame them, pin them on your fridge or place them as a bookmark.

And smile away.

Even more so because they are made with 100% recycled paper and come plastic free.

“…after a certain quantity, photos apparently taken by chance, postcards chosen according to passing mood, begin to trace an itinerary, to map the imaginary country that stretches before us.” – Chris Marker


All photos and calligraphy are done by Heena Shah / @explorer.heena / heenas.in

Postcards and bookmarks are printed on 250-300gsm and 100% recycled paper. (Not seed paper)

Postcard sizes are approx 4*6in.

The backs are blank so you have the freedom to use it the way you like.

Each set of postcards come in a cloth pouch made from leftover fabric which can be be used multiple times.

Colours may differ from my images slightly.

All items are hand checked for quality.

Most inks or pencils don’t smudge.

For more information on each postcard once you receive the head over to heenas.in (currently in prep).

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