KSAMAH Eco-Friendly Kids Box


KSAMAH Eco-Friendly Kids Box:
Nurturing our children to be compassionate and caring for the planet is what we have to do to help them lead a sustainable lifestyle throughout.
Children should also be made aware of the danger to the environment and how can they help the planet fight against them.
Our children are the ones who have their entire lives in front of them and have to live on this planet. Let’s shift to Eco-Friendly products and gift our young generations a better place to live. Let’s have the future generation on-board with us. 100% Nature Friendly.

In the Box:
1. Eco-Friendly Rice Husk Lid Bowl – 550 ml
2. Eco-Friendly Kids Bamboo Toothbrush with Charcoal Bristles
3. Eco-Friendly Bamboo Straw Pack of 2
4. Eco-Friendly Notebook with a Pen
5. Eco-Friendly Paper Straws

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