Oatmeal In Goat’s Milk & Honey


This natural soap is the perfect marriage of goat milk, oatmeal, & honey. Oatmeal soothes sensitive skin and exfoliates with a gentle touch. Its is said that Cleopatra took daily baths in goat’s milk, which has been used for years to norish dry skin and soothe eczema and other irritated skin conditions. Goat Milk, is one of the nature’s finest moisturizers, contains alpha-hydroxy acids.

The milk is well blended with Vanilla Essential oils & Honey. The soap provides a pleasant warm scent that blends delightfully with milk.

The result will be beautiful soft glowing skin. When repeated regularly over some time, its effect is even more magical.

The bar is free of harsh artificial foaming agents (detergent), parabens, alcohol, petroleum, and artificial preservatives.

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