Panchdiya – Madhubani Painting – 20MP120



Title of The Painting - Panchdiya
Painting Code - 20MP120
Size - 11.5 inches X 8 inches
Medium - Ink and acrylic on handcrafted coarse brown sheet
Style - Godhna Madhubani

Artist's Note - 
There are five broad categories of knowing the folk-art of mithilanchal, India, Madhubani Painting, namely - Kachanai, Bharani, Godhna, Tantrik and Kohbar.
Panch means five in Hindi. This painting, Panchdiya is inspired by the conventional ritual of lighting 5 baati ( cotton buds) so as to express respect and also mark the auspicious nature of any occasion.
This painting, which is an adaptation of Godhna Madhubani style, also has four banana leaves on all corners which is again a part of the culture.
This artwork is a tribute to nostalgia and how even in the changing times we carry our folklores and culture deep within us.

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