Praakritik Natural Pan Mukhwas (Digestive Aid) 100 G


Our Natural Pan Mukhwas has a unique sweet aroma and a distinctly refreshing taste. It is good for digestion and is a potent natural mouth freshener. Have a spoon full after meals to feel re-energized and revitalized. Our 100% Natural Pan Mukhwas is a delectable handcrafted blend of taste, aroma, and health. It is made of jethimad (licorice), Dhana dal (roasted split coriander seeds), saunf (fennel seeds), supari (betel nuts), raw sugar (raw cane sugar), kattha (catechu tree), gulkand (rose petal and raw sugar preserve), nagarvel pan (Nagarvel betel leaf), chanothi pan (Rosary pea betel) and elaichi (cardamom). Bite into it and be transported into a delicious world of complex and refreshing flavors’ that can help increase bile flow and supports good bacteria in your body.

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