Ram Sita Varmala – Madhubani Painting – 200MP29



Title of The Painting - Ram Sita Varmala
Painting Code - 200MP29
Size - 11.5 inches X 8 inches
Medium - Ink and acrylic on Ivory Sheet
Style - Madhubani

Artist's Note - 
Madhubani Painting is a folk-art of India, which is believed to have its roots during the marriage ceremony of Ram and Sita in Janakpur. 
Broadly there are five categories of knowing the folk-art of mithilanchal, India, Madhubani Painting, namely - Kachanai, Bharani, Godhna, Tantrik and Kohbar.
With heavy influence of Mithila culture this painting shows the varmala of Ram and Sita.

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