Resonance Citrus Grass Natural Wax Voltive Candle


Resonance Candles brings to you a unique blend of mosquitoe and bug repellent candles. Lite these candles in a room which you wish to de bug for atleast 40 minutes and then you can occupy the room. Citronella, neem and tulsi have natural properties of repelling bugs and mosquitoes. Number of candles used depend on the size of the room and the degree of bug infest. This jar is ideal for a cabin or room size of 8 ft x 8 ft.
Pure ingredients and essential oils ensure complete safety even as we inhale the candle vapours on lighting in an enclosed space (office cabins or bedrooms). These are set in a recycle-able glass jar, and made from 100% non-toxic and earth friendly ingredients. They are easy to set up, burn cleaner compared to any paraffin wax candle and do not emit any harmful petrochemical vapours. Perfect for anyone concerned with health, healing and the environment!
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