Sweet Sour Chilli Sauce (Made with Organic Ingredients, Sugar-Free, Gluten-Free, Low Carb, Ultra Low GI, Vegan, Diabetes & Keto Friendly) – 300g


100% natural, made out of organic ingredients, no gluten, and absolutely naturally sweetened with coconut sugar and stevia. In spite of being a low glycemic Index and low carb, it doesn’t compromise on flavour. D-Alive’s Sweet Sour Chilli Sauce is the right companion for an ideal meal. This sauce is made with 100% Organic Jamun Vinegar (fortified with Jamun seed powder), Organic Stevia Leaves, and red hot Kashmiri Chilies along with other healthy organic condiments with numerous benefits. Sweet Sour Chili Sauce is a go-to sauce for every meal requirement, be it a dipping sauce or a ready-to-cook marinade.

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