Wild Earth Saffron Almond Moisturizing Body Lotion – 100 ml


This wonderful smelling body lotion has the goodness of Saffron and Almonds or Badam Kesar as we know it. It keeps the body moisturized while the vitamin E in almonds keeps skin young and supple. An all year moisturizer this one’s light to use without being greasy. A great summer time must have.

Benefits of Almonds :
Vitamin E and other antioxidants present in these nuts can eliminate the harmful free radicals from your body. As a result, the aging process gets delayed and you remain younger-looking for a longer period. Almonds also help in improving your skin tone thus regaining lost glow. Be it rashes or chapped skin, the soothing property of the seeds give you relief from itching and irritation quickly.

Benefits of Saffron
Warriors in the past have been known to use saffron extracts to treat wounds Suffered in Battle. Saffron holds Amazing Healing properties that go a long way in healing wounds and removing scars and spots for a Blemish free Skin tone.
The anti Fungal content of Saffron makes it Effective for the treatment of Acne, Blemishes, Blackheads, Tone & Repair Skin giving it an even texture and Restore Luminescence to dull skin.

Directions for use :
Slather on a generous portion on your body just after your bath for better absorption and silky smooth skin the whole day.

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