ArtyStree Designs was created with the thought and passion, that everyone should be able to own a piece of any kind of art and craft.
We design Purely from the heart and bring forward what we feel people would love to have around them and in their lives.
The name ArtyStree Designs comes from the premise of who we are… artistic women. Proud yet humble. Creative, eccentric yet Eclectic, Crazy and Calm at the same time.
We take inspiration from anything and everything, because we believe anything can be turned into art…
We work with a variety of mediums and each of our products are designed and created in house… and we mean literally “in the house”.
We are currently based out of Hyderabad.
Our range of products can be customized as per the clients need.
Specializing in Recycled bottle art, glass coasters, ceramic Jewelry, Jewelry holders and containers, hand printed cards, hand printed paper, personalized stationary, tote bags, hand painted shoes and anything on paper with your name…. we do it all.
We try not to replicate most of our work and try and give every art piece a flavor and feel of its own, so our clients know, that the piece/pieces they have are personal and one of a kind.
Also one fourth of all our proceeds go towards Animal Welfare.
We don’t maintain inventory of everything that we have as it’s mostly personalized, so if you order anything from us, we will make sure it’s made as per your liking….so wait no longer… quench your thirst with ArtyStree Designs.

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