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BARISH is a setup run and managed by Varsha and Ady. We house products which are created by us and also some them are hand picked. This is an en-devour towards showcasing products which need customization and not easily replaceable; so as to let the end user have a satisfaction of its uniqueness. All the products which are made and housed are hand made. A small variation (usually) un-noticeable is part of the fact that they are hand made. The time for some product to be made and delivered is subject to intricacies and customization needed. Quite a few do not need customization and thus can be ordered right away. We have focused on Home Decor items in case of our own creations, they are at times perky, at times classy, at times elegant. Each and every product is made and designed with a basic taught, ‘Would I keep this in my house?’. Further to that we all value our hard earned money so another follow up taught has been, ‘Would I buy this at this price?’
Creativity and commerce unfortunately do not go well together, we have however made an effort to establish a good balance, which is required to sustain this effort and in turn manage to remain creative.


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