At Conkreate, we push the boundaries of materials to transform sand, water and an earthy raw mix of materials into design products that are as beautiful and sophisticated as they are functional and durable – masterfully crafted one piece at a time. We design, manufacture and curate modern lifestyle accessories cast in high-performance, lightweight, and premium concrete.

Our Production- We make lifestyle Concrete

At its most basic, concrete is a simple and centuries-old medium used to build structures that have withstood the test of time. What many consider a “hard” and “cold” material, we turn into warm, imaginative shapes with soft-to-the-touch finishes with our Lifestyle Concrete.

Our Lifestyle Concrete is our proprietary blend that enables us to create refined, lightweight, high-performance pieces that we mold into sophisticated and functional, modern design products. We use 3D printing, and advanced concrete molding and casting methods to bring our ideas to life. From concept through development, our products are skillfully engineered to the highest in design and quality standards in addition to producing our own line of home and lifestyle accessories, Conkreate works with select brands for custom design and fabrication projects. We welcome opportunities to collaborate with designers, architects and private label clients to help make their ideas concrete.

Eco-Friendly Unit

Our unit has a ‘Green-Certificate’ from the Pollution Control Board. Products are eco-friendly due to the following reason

  • We use fly ash in the mix to reduce the weight of the product. Fly ash is an air pollutant.
  • We are converting waste street pebble to reprocess and usage
  • Our unit has been setup in the rural area thereby contributing towards rural employment
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