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For the love of all things natural and handmade! I started making my own bath and body products in 2015. My first experiment was with body butters… It took me a while to get that right, but once I did, I just couldn’t stop. Then came soap making! The way I see it, it’s simple. Soap making is a little like baking (and P.S. I LOVE to BAKE). It’s all about the recipe and a bit of an experiment. The best part is I can enjoy all that without eating it (because it feels and smells amazing!). I am a designer by profession so the combination of design + recipes with a dash of science is perfect for me. I still have a long way to go, there is always something new to try, something new to fidget with. And I absolutely love it.
Soap making is my “me” time. It’s my time away from everything and everyone else. A time to relax and create something beautiful. The best part? I know exactly what I am adding to my products. Some of my absolutely favourite ingredients are organic cocoa and shea butters. I add it to almost everything I make.
I make everything from body lotions, face creams and healing balms to lotion bars, lip balms, sugar & salt scrubs, and homemade liquid body washes.
So onward and upward I go to learn, experiment and just have fun.

Fresh Handcrafted by Rebecca

Activate Charcoal Cooling Face Mask

Made By : Fresh Handcrafted by Rebecca
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