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Working in the Village of Udaypur in MP with the Tribal Bhil Community has been a real eye opener for me. A place that totally depends on farming and face problems due to acute shortage of water and rainfall was a challenge I felt I could tackle, but the solutions on paper are not so simple. Theoretically do-able but the greatest challenge for all projects is TIME, unfortunately many projects do not stand the test of time. Consistency and continuity are vital for any project with constant monitoring.

Our Soap making operation in the village with the women of Udaypur is not just any project. It is a project started from scratch not just to create income opportunities for the people there but meant to be a vehicle where the women not only help their village but others as well. Not just be a model Village but a Village unto themselves. With the vision of creating, sustaining and growing through their ideas and their vision be it small. We created a product that when bundled with other complementary product produces one singular whole capable of taking on the best in the market.

Our Milk soaps is just the beginning and we look to grow. Sagi Parvat is for the women, by the women and of the women. The 2 Rs initiative, where 2 rs from every soap sold goes towards the library for the village and many other initiatives aim to show the people there that the power is in their hands.

It is NOT just women empowerment, It is EMPOWERMENT.

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