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There is an old saying- Beards speak louder than actions; which holds true even in today’s world.
Beards are the world’s worst secret keepers. They call you out if you don’t treat them well. But if nurtured well, they act as the perfect wingmen. They are your best companions; they give it to you straight while keeping your manly mug protected.

In a country where beards are a symbol of honour and strength, there happens to be a chronic lack of grooming products for them. We at St. Beard believe that every man deserves a good beard, and every beard deserves to be cared for in the manliest way possible. Committed to the use of all natural products (nobody likes it fake), our shampoos and oils hold up the spirit of St. Beard, the wise sage who spent his life perfecting the art of a perfect beard. Go ahead, try our range of grooming portions.

Your girlfriend who hates the smell of those expensive grooming products will be grateful.
Your beard will be grateful.
And so will you.

Be a B(e)a(r)dass.


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