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Born with the drive to preserve every memory, The Tiny Elves rejoice in the beauty of making a lovely home for our little ones and the joy of creating gorgeous and unique gifts to delight those near and dear to us.

Whether you are looking to create a serene nursery, a fun playroom, or a beautiful bedroom, there are no rules or limitations when decorating a room for your child. We strive to bring to you products that will help you create an inspired, original haven as treasured and unique as your little ones are. Our every product is crafted by hand and its tiny personal details are what make them unique.

The Tiny Elves came about as a result of our founder Shamira Anand wanting to preserve her child’s first’s. One spark led to another and now we’re a venture that focuses on creating handcrafted customized pieces to help you make your home just a little bit more special. From memory frames that preserve your child’s belongings to stand alone initials in various themes and to many more products that are yet to come, our little helpers work tirelessly to give you a wide range of choices to pick from. Each of these products are painstakingly customized by hand, to help you treasure something unique about your child, in a way that it can be cherished everyday!
Oodles of creativity, the need to cherish baby belongings, commitment to adding a unique, personal touch and a desire to spread happiness, we present to you, our labor of love-
The Tiny Elves.

So go ahead, treasure those memories and keep making new ones!

The Tiny Elves

Memory Frame

Made By : The Tiny Elves
Made By : The Tiny Elves
Made By : The Tiny Elves
Made By : The Tiny Elves

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