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This is the Part where we thought we won’t be cliché’ and come up with philosophies or introductions. Instead, we’ll let our hearts out because this is what Urban Pattang is all about…It’s all about heart!!

The ones who are crazy enough to think they can colour the world are the ones who do!

Forrest Gump’s mama always said that life’s like a box of chocolates. For us, life’s more like a dabba of crayons! We love colours and we have always believed that colours speak louder than words!

Back in the day when ‘Dalda’ tin cans were in abundance, our mom used to convert those tins into flower pots! Pickles were stored in old Nescafe or kissan Jam ‘shishis’! That was our first encounter with how simple things could be put to use differently! So we started doing it our way. The cover of our notebooks used to be cut outs of Shahrukh Khan ads, Camlin geometry boxes were hand painted to give a unique look. Even our lunch boxes were given a makeover by covering them up with hundreds of mini ‘hello kitty ‘stickers! We knew how to do it differently and make our stuff stand out!

Well that was then! We started our professional journey with big media brands and started enjoying making client presentations. Positive feedback on how our presentations were colourful, bright and uncomplicated was reaffirmation of our capabilities and creativity! That’s what planted the seed in our heads! We didn’t need to remain confined to a boardroom when we could make the whole world our canvas!


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