Oiled Singlecut Casual Leather Shoes for Men


The SVED Oiled Singlecut is a tastefully crafted luxurious leather shoe for men. The Oil-Pull Up leather upper lends the shoe a clean sophistication that can be carried off flamboyantly in any setting. The Singlecut, while setting the shoes apart in aesthetic, preserves the natural tensile strength and function of the leather.

Lined with soft “hands touch” Nappa leather, the shoes are breathable and can be worn day and night without foot fatigue. The famous Argentinean Leather Sole makes sure that walk-ability of this pair is 10/10. The legendary Bologna Stitchdown construction coupled with a Stitched Welt (where the upper is stitched to the sole instead of just pasted) gives the shoe its flexibility and strength to last for a long long time.

The SVED Oiled Singlecut is definitely a sleek, minimally designed, sturdy and meticulously crafted footwear that is truly one of its kind – an all leather, all day, versatile shoe.

Made By: : Vedprakash
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