Radha Krishna – Madhubani Painting – 200MP16


Details –
Title of The Painting – Radha Krishna
Painting Code – 200MP16
Size – 11.5 inches X 8 inches
Medium – Ink and acrylic on ivory sheet
Style – Godhna Madhubani

Artist’s Note – 

Broadly there are five categories of knowing the folk-art of Mithilanchal, India, Madhubani Painting, namely – Kachanai, Bharani, Godhna, Tantrik, and Kohbar.

The segment, Godhna was adopted in the mainstream Madhubani painting many years after the painting got recognition. This style of folk-art was initially practiced as an alternative to jewelry and the minute intricacies, small designs and circular fashion are among the few ways to identify this style. 

This painting of mine depicts “Radha Krishna” in the center, which is a little rare sight in Godhna, since it is conventionally about nature. What makes this painting unique is the message that love (shown through Radha Krishna) is such an integral part of our lives that it is a part of nature. It does not know to differentiate and neither does it divide. It is pure and sacred.


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