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The Fragrant Flames (TFF) is a hand-made premium candle studio specializing in hand-poured and crafted candles using the highest quality of waxes, aromas, essential oils and lead-free wick. We are based in Bengaluru, Karnataka (India).
Back in June 2015, we officially opened shop, with just two aims. To share our creations with our customers and to turn our passion into a viable business proposition.

We at TFF found niche in our signature line of products aptly titled, “Colors of Earth” which is a great hit with our customers generating us repeat business over and over again. Each of our candle including “Colors of Earth” series are created after extensive R&D and rigorous testing offering an unique range in the market exclusively by us.

At TFF, each candle created by us is individually hand-poured in small batches with no mechanical process involved. This offers us the ultimate control over our products in terms of quality, aromas, design and customization (if required).

The sense of smell is so often associated with memory, and each candle is meant to evoke a memory, if only from your own fertile imagination. Keeping this in mind and realizing that scented candles aren’t the easiest to buy online, we at TFF ensure that all candles carry high fragrance loads and are individually produced with detailed product descriptions. If you’re unsure, get in touch beforehand and you can discuss your concerns with us. Customer satisfaction is extremely important to our business, so unless we’re 100% satisfied with our work, it won’t pass our quality control.

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