Is Craft your Hobby?

Is craft your hobby? If the answer is yes then optimise it!

It is often observed that people having creativity as their hobby cannot make anything out of it. They either perform it for themselves or they completely leave it.

This is not because it consumes time. Who would not like to spend time in the things they love! It is because the time consumed in it is costly. Yes, spending time in doing things you love is another thing and spending time in doing something which doesn’t earn is other.

Confused, right?

I was in a dilemma too when I wrote this. We are in confusion because we think that our hobbies can’t earn anything.

In India, people leave their passions for jobs and I think it should be totally opposite of this. We are leaving our hobbies because we need to earn our living. I read a quote stating that if you make your hobby as your profession, you won’t have to work a single day in your life!

Let’s ask oneself that is it possible?

If you calculate things and then say that it isn’t. I would like you to reconsider your answer. Yes, now you would be thinking that it would depend upon a person’s passion. It might be right but read on and I bet that you’ll change your answer.

Industry today is changing. A few years back a writer could only take a chance in writing by publishing his book, but now we have content writers. Artists who loved painting and drawing are now graphic designers.

It’s not that a person who likes Art and Craft will end up teaching or would have to leave the passion to earn a living. For painting and drawing there is graphic designing but for crafts?

You can sell your crafts and earn out of it. Believe me or not but your craft could earn you a fortune. Let me explain you how. People who bragged about imported products now prefer handicrafts. Home décor has completely moved to handmade articles. Gifts are now handmade to add happiness and feel.

So what is stopping you from making Crafts as your living passion? We have the internet to help our product reach the world. You might find it a little complex at the start but at the end, it would be worth it.

Our very own team at ArtyOwl is selling handmade products from all parts of the country. So now for selling your products, you need not own a fancy website. Just visit and register yourself as a seller.

Low marketing budgets, less technical stuff, and visibility to the world!

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