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stylish blue and black handmade light lamp

India has been always known for the arts in its diverse culture, the handmade products have always lured the visitors around the globe. The objects created with inexplicable creativity and magnificent work of art not just are a treat to eyes but also eco-friendly in most of the cases.

Though the beauty of Indian Art and Craft Industry is praised all around the world, the artisans still face the problem to make their products marketed in the country. There were only three options with the artist to sell their products:

  • Sell to major retail stores with a domestic presence
  • Export the products to other countries
  • Sell directly to the consumer

Selling the retail stores exploited the artisans by not providing a fair price for their products, exporting goods proved to be costly, and selling directly to consumer made them dependent on tourism.

According to the government, the Handicraft Industry is worth $7 Billion and is fragmented between 4 Million Artisan and Designers across India. Having this great figures too, many artisans are homeless and are striving to earn a lively-hood. In a country whose culture is art, many artisans strived to earn a lively-hood due to the lack of capital.

The problems faced by this Industry are the lack of Infrastructure, no proper communication channel, unawareness of new technology, lack of product promotion, and products are not easily available for the consumers to buy.

Observing all the problems faced by the artisans in the country and keeping the ideology of Make in India, we came up with where the artisans can create their own stores and list their products. The pricing and the control of the store stay in the hand of artisans, they can sell at their desired prices and manage their store.

Everything after that is taken care by starting from the marketing of the products to delivering them to the consumer. ArtyOwl acts as a perfect business partner to the artisans who think that their product has a potential to grab the world.  Currently working on the Home-Décor, Personal Care, and Gifts articles, ArtyOwl is open to every handmade product which could lure the buyers.

The support team at ArtyOwl guides the artisans at every step to list their product, create their store and receive sales for their product. Just create a seller account and you are ready to be showcased!

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